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The Lifestyle Terms and Abbreviations

AC/DC - Bisexual, swings both ways (Male or Female)

Bareback - Sex without condoms

BBW - Big beautiful women/Big breasted women

BDSM - Bondage, domination and submission, sadism masochism

BD - Bondage

Bi - Bisexual, term used by females and males

Bi- Curious - term used by male or females that are unsure about their sexuality and has limited experience with sexual activities with the gender.

Bukkake - Men wanking and cumming onto the face/body of females.

Bulls - A male that fucks a cuckold’s partner.

CD - Cross dresser

CPL - couple

Cream pie - This is after a male has ejectulated and her partner cleans her up

Cuckold - A wife that fucks guys whilst her husband watches. The husbands are not allowed to take part and the wife normally uses a Bull.

DP - Double penetration, normal one penis into the vagina and another penis into the arse

DV - Double vaginal penetration - the act of two males both inserting their penis into one vagina at the same time

Fb - Fuckbuddy

FFM - 3some two females and one male

MMF - 3 some involving two males and one female

Full swap/ FS - full swap this is normally where penative sex takes places with another person’s partner

GILF - Grannies I’d like to fuck

MILF - Mum’s I’d like to fuck

MWC - married with children

NSA - No strings attached

Soft swingers/Softies - No penetrative sex takes place unless it’s it between your own partners.

TS - Transsexual

TV/trannies - Transvestites

VWE - Very well endowed relating to the males penis size

Vanilla - Non swingers

Stunt cock - Young male that performs for couples

BiM - Bi male

BIF - Bi female

CTOA - Can travel or accommodate

DDF - Drug and disease free

FA - fat admirer

F2F - face to face meeting

GBF - Gay black female

GBM - Gay black male

GSOH - Good sense of humour

GWF - Gay white female

GWM - Gay white male

GF - Girlfriend

BF - boyfriend

HWP - Height/weight/proportion

IR - Interracial normal relates to one partner being white and one being Asian, or black

ISO - Insignificant other

ISO - in search of

LDR - Long distance relationship

LTR - Long term relationship

MBA - Married but available

NS - non smoker

NSA - No strings attached

NUMP - No ugly men please

NUWP - No ugly women please

PF - Professional female (Escort)

PM - Professional Male

SALT - Single and loving it

SPARK - Single parent raising kids

TG - Transgender

WLTM - Wold love to meet

Snowballing - The ct of exchanging semen between others.

Dogging - Those who take part in sexual acts outside

Clean - Disease and drug free

Separate rooms - Couples that play with other partners in separate rooms

Closet swinger - person who hides that they are a swinger

Cunnilingus - Stimulation of the clit or vagina by the mouth

Exhibitionist - A person who stimulated by showing their sexual parts and or enjoys being watched whilst taking part in sexual activities

Fellatio /blowjob - Stimulation by a male having his penis sucked by mouth

Gang bang - One women having sex with a group of men

Group sex - normally in a club there is a room where everyone that enters can have sex and touch each other

Safe word - This is a word that is exchanged between partners and is shouted out if they wish to stop play or used in a BDSM environment

Rubber - condom

Pro - Prostitute or paid escort

Social - Event arranged by swingers to meet other swingers without any sexually activity taking place.

Swapping - two couples exchanging partners

Straight - Person who is not bi-sexual

Soft swing - same room sexual activity without penative sex

Voyeur - A person who enjoys watching others engaging in sexual activates

Common Chat Terms and Abbreviations


?4u - I have a question for you

@TEOTD - At the end of the day

121 - one to one (Private Chat)

182 - I hate you

10Q - Thank you

2MI - Too much information

2M2H - Too much to handle

2MOR - Tomorrow

2EZ - To easy

2G2BT - Too good to be true

2NTE - Tonight

AFF - As a matter of fact

AAK - Asleep at keyboard

AAK - Alive and kicking

AAMOF - As a matter of fact

AAMOI - As a matter of interest

AAP - Always a pleasure

AAR - At any rate

ABT - About

ADN - Any day now

AEAP - As early as possible

AFC - Away from computer

AFAIAA - As far as i am aware

AFAIK - As far as i know

AFAIUI - As far as i understand it

ALOL - Actually laughing out loud

LOL - Laughing out loud

BBL - Be back later

AMAP - As much as possible

AOTA - All of the above

APP - Appreciate

AQAP - As quick as possible

ASAP - As soon as possible

ASL or A/S/L - Age/Sex/Location

ASLA - Age/Sex/Location/Availability

ATB - All the best

ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing

ATSL - Along the same lines

AYDY - Are you done yet?

AYEC - At your earliest convenience

AYS - Are you serious?

AYT - Are you there?

B - Back

B& - banned

B2W - back to work

B/F - Boyfriend

B4 - before

B4N - bye for now

BASOR - Breathes a sigh of relief

BAU - Business as usual

BAY - Back at you

BBIAB - Be back in a bit

BBIAM - Be back in a minute

BBN - Bye bye now

BBS - Be back soon

BFF - Best friends forever

BFD - Big freaking deal

BFFN - Best friend for now

BG - Big grin

BGWM - Be gentle with me

BIF - Before I forget

BION - Believe it or not

BLNT - Better luck next time

BM - Bite me

BME - Based on my experience

BM&Y - Between me and you

BOB - Back of buddy

BN - Bad news

BOL - Best of luck

BOLO - be on the look out

BOOMS - Bored out of skull

BOT - Back on topic

BRB - Be right back

BRBB - Be right back babe

BRNC - Be right back, nature calls

BRD - Bored

BRH - Be right here

BRT - Be right there

BSTS - Better safe than sorry

BTA - But then again

BTDT - Been there done that

BTW - By the way

BTYCL - Bootycall

BWL - Bursting with laughter

BYOB - Bring your own beer

BYOD - Bring your own drink

BYTM - better you than me

C&G - Chuckle & Grin

CB - Coffee break

CID - Consider it done

CM - Call me

CMB - Call me back

CMIIW - Correct me if I’m wrong

CMON - Come on

CNP - Continued in next post

COS - Because

C/P - Cross post

CSL - Can’t stop laughing

CT - Can’t talk

CTC - Care to chat

CTN - Can’t talk now

CTO - Check this out

CUA - See you around

CUL - See you later

M8 - Mate

CUMID - See you in my dreams

CWOT - Complete waste of time

CWYL - Chat with you later

CUA - See you around

CUL - See you later

M8 - Mate

CUMID - See you in my dreams

CWOT - Complete waste of time

CWYL - Chat with you later

CYE - Check your email

CYO - See you online

DBEYR - Don’t believe everything you read

DF - Don’t even go there

DGAF - Don’t give a F**K

DGA - Don’t go anywhere

DGT - Don’t go there

DIKU - Do I know you?

DILLIGAF - Do I look like I give a F**k

DKDC - Don’t know, Don’t care

DL - Download

DM - Doesn’t matter

DQMOT - Don’t quote me on this

DR - Didn’t read

DTRT - Do the right thing

DUR - Do you remember

DWF - Divorced white female

DWM - Divorced white male

DYNWUTB - Do you know what your talking about?

DYFI - Did you find it

E1 - Everyone

EAK - Eating at keyboard

EMA - Email address

EMFBI - Excuse me for butting/jumping in

ENUF - Enough

EOD - End of day

EWG - Evil wicked grin

EZ or EZY - Easy

F - Female

M - Male

MFM - Male/female/male

F2F - Face to face

FAAK - Falling asleep at keyboard

FAF - Funny as F**K

FB - Facebook

FBM - Fine by me

FC - Fingers crossed

FCOL - Foe crying out loud

FFA - Free for all

FFS - For f**K Sake

FICCL - Frankly I couldn’t care less

FIIOOH - Forget it, I’m out of here

FOAD - F**k off and die

FOMC - Falling off my chair

FOAF - Friend of a friend

FRT - For real though

FTBOMH - From the bottom of my heart

FU - F**k You

FWB - friends with benefits

FWIW - For what it’s worth

FWM - Fine with me

FYEO - For your eyes only

FYA - For your amusement

FYI - For your information

G - Giggles

G/F - Girlfriend

G2CU - Good to see you

G2G - Got to go

G2R - Got to run

G2TU - Go to tell you

GA - Go ahead

GAL - Get a life

GAS - Got a second

GB - Good bye

GDR - Grins, ducks and runs

GFI - Go for it

GFN - Gone for now

GG - Gotta go

GGMSOT - Got to get me some of that

GGOH - Gotta get out of here

GIAR - Give it a rest

GMTA - Great minds think alike

GMV - Gets my vote

GN - Good night

GNE1 - Good night everyone

GOI - Get over it

GR8 - Great

GOL - Giggling out loud

GRATZ - Congratulations

GT - Good try

GS - Good shot

GTG - Got to go

GTRM - Going to read mail

GWHTLC Glad we had this little chat

H8 - Hate

HAG1 - have a good one

HAK - Hug and kiss

H2CUS - Hoe to see you soon

HAGO - Have a good one

HAND - Have a nice day

HB - Hurry back

HBU - How about you?

HF - Have fun

HHIS - Hangs head in shame

HOAS - Hold on a second

HRU - How are you?

HTH - Hope this helps

IAC - In any case

IAO - I am out of here

IB - I’m Back

IC - I see

ICAM - I couldn’t agree me

ICBW - It could be worse

ICEDI - I can’t even discuss it

ICFILWU I could fall in love with you

ICYMI - In case you missed it

IDBI - I don’t believe it

IDC - I don’t care

IDK - I don’t know

IDTS - I don’t think so

IFYP - I feel your pain

IHNI - I have no idea

IIRC - If I remember correctly

IK - I know

ILU - I love you

IM - Instant message

IMO - In my opinion

IMU - I miss you

IOMH - In over my head

IOW - In other words

IRL - In real life

IRMC - I rest my case

ITYK - I thought you knew

IUSS - If you say so

IYKWIM - If you know what I mean

IYO - In your opinion

JFF - Just for fun

JAM - Just a minute

JIC - Just in case

JJ - Just joking

JLME - Just let me know

JK - Just Kidding

JP - Just Playing

JTLYK - Just to let you know

JW - Just wondering

K - Okay

KB - Kick butt

KFY - Kiss for you

KIA - Know it all

KISS - Keep it simple stupid

KIT - Keep in touch

KMA - Kiss my A**E

KOW - Knock on wood

KOTC - Kiss on the cheek

KNIM - Know what I mean

L2G - Like to go

L2K - Like to come

L8R - Later

LBAY - Laughing back at you

LD - Long distance

LFG - Looking for a group

LH6 - Lets have sex

LHM - Lord help me

LHO - Laughing head off

LIC - Like I care

LMBO - Laughing my butt off

LMIRL - Lets meet in real life

LMK - Let me know

LTNS - Long time no see

LTS - Laughing to myself

LVM - leave a voice mail

MFI - Mad for it

MOSS - Member of the same sex

MSG - Message

MTF - More to follow

MYOB - Mind you own business

N00B - Newbie

N1 - Nice one

N2M - Nothing too much

NBD - No big deal

NE1 - Anyone

NFM - None for me/ not for me

NFS - Not for sale

NFW - No F**King way

NIGI - Now I get it

NMJC - Nothing much, just chilling

NM - Never mind

NMU - Not much, you?

NO1 - No one

NP - No problem

NRN - No response/reply necessary

NSA - No strings attached

NT - Nice try

OATUS - On a totally unrelated subject

OB - Oh baby

OH - Overheard

OMG - Oh my god

OMW - On my way

OP - On phone

OTB - Off to bed

OTT - Over the top

PCM - Please call me

Peeps - People

PIC - Picture

PMP - Peeing my pants

PLD - Played

PLMK - Please let me know

PRON - Pornography

PRT - Party

PTMM - Please tell me more

PXT - Please explain that

PYT - Pretty young thing

PZ - Peace

QFE - Question for everyone

QL - Quit laughing

QOTD - Quote of the day

QQ - Quick question

RBAY - Right back at you

RFN - Right F**king now

RL - real life

RME - Rolling my eyes

RSN - Real soon now

RUMOF - Are you male or female

RUT - Are you there

RUOK - Are you ok

RYO - Roll your own

RYS - Are you single

S2S - Sorry to say

SAL - Such a laugh

SAT - Sorry about that

SH - Same here

SH^ - Shut up

SHID - Slaps head in disgust

SICNR - Sorry I couldn’t resist

SIMYC - Sorry I missed your call

SIT - Stay in touch

Slap - Sounds like a plan

SMHID - Scratching my head in disbelief

SO - Significant other

SOAB - Son of a Bi**h

SOL - Sooner or later

SOMY - Sick of me yet?

SorG - Straight or Gay?

SOT - Short of time

SOWM - Someone with me

SPST - Same place same time

STR8 - Straight

STW - Search the web

SUL - See you later

SWL - Screaming with laughter

SWMBO - She who must be obeyed. Meaning wife or partner

SYL - See you later

TAFN - Thats all for now

TBC - To be continued

TBH - To be honesty

TBL - Text back later

TC - Take care

TCOY - Take care of yourself

TD2M - Talk dirty to me

TFF - Too F**king Funny

TFS - Thanks for sharing

TFTI - Thanks for the invite

TGIF - Thank god it’s Friday

THX - Thanks

THT - Think happy thoughts

TIA - Thanks in advance

TIC - Tongue in cheek

TILIS - Tell it like it is

TL - Too long

TMB - Text me back

TMI - Too much information

TMOT - Trust me on this

TMTH - Too much to handle

TMWFI - Take my word for it

TNT - Till next time

TOJ - Tears of joy

TOU - Thinking of you

TPTB - The powers that be

CM - Chat monitor

TSNF - Thats so not fair

TTFN - Ta ta for now

TSTB - The sooner the better

TTTT - These things take time

TTUL - Talk to you later

TWSS - That what she said

TTG - Time to go

TTYL - Talk to you later

TTYS - Talk to you soon

TY - Thank you

TYS - Told you so

TYT - Take your time

^URS - Up yours

UCMU - You crack me up

UFB - Unf**king believable

UDS - Ugly domestic scene

UFN - Until further notice

UGTBK - You’ve got to be kidding

UL - Upload

UOK - You ok?

URA* - You are a star

URH - You are hot

URW - You are welcome

USBCA - Until something better comes along

USU - Usually

UTM - You tell me

UW - Your welcome

VBS - Very big smile

VEG - Very evil grin

VFF - Very freaking funny

VFM - Value for money

VIP - Very important person

VCC - Very good condition

VM - Voicemail

VN - Very nice

WAYF - Where are you from?

W/B - Write back

WBU - What about you

WC - Welcome

WCA - Who cares anyway

WE - Whatever

WIBNI - Wouldn’t it be nice if

WDALYIC - Who died and left you in charge

WDYK - What do you know

WDYT - What do you think

WITP - What is the point

WL - Whatta loser

W/O - Without

WOM - Waste of money

WRK - Work

[email protected] - Where are you at?

WRUD - What are you doing?

WTF - What the f**k

WTG - Way to go

WTH - What the heck

WU - What’s up?

WUCIWUG What you see is what you get

WUF - Where you from?

WUP - Whats up?

WUU2 - What are you up to

WWNC - Wonders will never crease

WWYC - Write what you can

WYCM - Will you call me?

WYD - What are you doing

WYGAM - When you get a minute

YGTBKM - You’ve got to be kidding me

YGG - You go girl

YHBW - You have been warned

YIU - Yes I understand

YKW - You know what

YKWYCD - You know what you can do

YNK - You never know

YR - Yeah right

YT - You there

YTB - Your the best

YTG - Your the greatest

YW - Your welcome

ZOT - Zero tolerance

ZZZZ - Sleeping / bored